1What is Financial Planning?
Financial planning is the planning of your financial future, it is all the financial aspects of your life. This includes budgeting, goal setting, superannuation, investments, children's education and social security. Basically anything you wish to achieve that involves money.
2Why have a financial planner?
They give you an objective view of your financial situation and take the emotion out of investment decisions and work with you to achieve.
3What Services do you offer?
Please go to services page
4What can a financial planning provide?
We assist you to setup and follow your financial goals you wish to achieve, providing an unbiased view on things and taking the emotion out of decision to ensure that you achieve you goals.
5How do you get paid?
I charge a fee for the advice provided in the initial establishment phase. If the client wishes to continue the relationship then an adviser service fee will be charged paid on a monthly basis. The fee amount will depend on the level of advice and service provided. For further clarification please refer to the Financial Services Guide which is located under the General Disclaimer tab.
6What products Do you recommend?
This will depend on you individual, but the simple answer is whatever is suited to the needs of the individual situation, we utilise, term deposit, corporate bonds, direct shares, managed funds, structured products to name a few. This is all wrap around what the client is trying to achieve.
7What is Superannuation?
Superannuation has been set up to provide a saving plan for people to use these funds for retirement. At present for all people that are employed your employer place 9.25% of your gross salary or wages into a fund of your choosing. It is taxed at 15% until retirement where upon that is 0% on it as you use it to live on.
8How do I start?
We sit down and have discussion on your situation and what you are looking to achieve.